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ENVECO MACHINERY S.A. is a limited company established near Lausanne, Switzerland since 1986.

The founder and current President of our company, managed to transmit over 40 years of experience in flexography, rotogravure, and graphic arts in general to the present team.

Since 1986, our company focused οn flexography and rotogravure technologies and developed its activities in the supply of high tech printing machinery for the packaging industry.

Our roll-fed OMET printing and in-line converting installations cover an extremely wide range of products. We offer several printing processes that can be combined and interchanged (flexography, rotogravure, silkscreen, offset) and in-line converting modules that include cold/hot-foil, hologram application, UV/solvent/water-based lamination, die-cutting, creasing, embossing, sheeting, and lots of other custom application.

The guiding philosophy of our company is to offer "tailor-made" products and services according to every specific production requirements. We always make sure to establish a true partnership with each of our customers. Understanding precisely the particularities of each specific production, enables us to offer appropriate solutions and a personalised technical support. This "Customer oriented" policy and the rigorous way we deal with the projects that are entrusted to us, give us the privilege to proudly bear the "Swiss Quality" label.

Of course, we undoubtedly owe a good part of our success to the professionalism of our suppliers. They have been selected throughout the years, first of all according to the quality of their products and services, but also for their excellent price positioning on the market. In addition to the high tech know-how that they are offering, they are in a position to assist us, by providing an outstanding technical support and an extremely efficient after-sales service.

The customers who have trusted us, do know that they haven't only bought an outstanding machine: they have established a true partnership with ENVECO MACHINERY S.A